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Inflight IT is a team of experts and enthusiasts on software development and user experience design. We are a team ready to create and transform digital systems to an user experience centric approach. We design and develop for people.

We work with and for you

Whether it’s a turnkey project or a support model, we have a flexible offer to acommodate any type of project need.

Fixed price

  • Turnkey project;
  • Global expert team to provide an end to end delivery;
  • Requirement, Design, Development, Testing, Deployment and Maintenance on our side. We provide the entire SDLC.

Managing and reporting

  • Agile methodology for managing our project’s development;
  • Delivery of periodic (daily and weekly) reports with project state and development;
  • Project status is always available for consulting.

Most importantly,
we adapt to you.

If there’s a specific need for the client or the project, wether it’s on the beginning or during the project we will always find a way to meet your needs and expectations.

Some of our clients

What we do

Business processes/architecture

We analyze and set all the requirements needed for understanding the business processes and specificities, so we can have all the data needed to start implementing and improving the user experience.


We set the whole experience for the product, considering the research needed in order to understand the actual needs of the clients and the best practises for each context. Through wireframing, mockups and prototyping we deliver a full interpretation of the application’s intentions.


Always up-to-date with the most prominent technologies to keep the focus on an user centric experience approach. We have years of experience and expertise in JS technologies that we used on the development of big scale projects.

Testing, deployment and maintenance

We want to make sure our developments aren’t fruitless and what we really want is to see our work in action in the real world. We have an intense focus on testing the developments with state of the art methodologies to do it, we guarantee a flawless deployment and maintenance of the applications.

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Case studies

Take a look at some of our projects

Telco app

From April 2018 to today

Action and tech areas

Frontend development and code review; User experience design process and design system implementation. Integration in a big team, working internationally in different time zones.

Technical expertise

Angular JS / Scss / Html / Webpack / Frontend engineering
User experience and interface design / Sketch / InVision

Application created for a Telco workers that assist clients on store or on call center, and need to do any kind of action related to the client, from a line activation to a simple recharge, every single register that is made between the Telco and the client is done and registered on the app, simplified in order to reduce the amount of time spent by the assistants on everyday tasks and to improve the customer experience.

Action and tech areas

User experience and user interface. Integration in a big team, working internationally in different time zones.

Technical expertise

User experience and interface design / Sketch / Invision

SaaS with a set of applications thought to serve a wide array of businesses and clients, accelerating their digital transformation.

Our area of action on this product was on the process and thinking of the user experience for the whole system. Being a system with many applications within, very different from one another in some cases, it was imperative to create a design language and a design system that would be a single source of truth for consulting


From May 2019 to today


Developed on 2018

Action and tech areas

Frontend development; User experience design.

Technical expertise

React native / REST Api definition
Sketch and InVision

Project for a business that has a number of clients that require support. For that support, the business has a model in which it requires the opening of tasks/tickets for the different areas of support, giving them a general overview of the history and of the tasks progress.

Action and tech areas

Frontend developments

Technical expertise

Ionic / Automated tests

Mobile application for clients that want to call a taxi by smartphone. This was a project that required the frontend development, coming to us already with the user experience designed and the system foundation already defined. The technology chosen by the company was Ionic to develop to both most prominent smartphone platforms - Android and iOS - and we had the responsibility of taking care of the project on a stage where it was already being developed.


Developed in 2017

Jumbo Media Press

Developed on 2017

Action and tech areas

Full stack development and user experience design.

Technical expertise

React / NodeJS / Mongo DB
User experience and interface design / Sketch / Invision

This project was made for a big fashion retailer chain, that wanted to provide to the media a platform they could access in order to download images or videos to be downloaded and to be used on the press.

Action and tech areas

Full stack development and user experience design

Technical expertise

Angular JS / Node JS / Mongo DB
User experience and design / Sketch

Espaço de arquitetura is an architecture weblog built to receive entries of architect studios, projects, products, news, events among other relevant contents for the community.

Portal - Espaço
de arquitetura

Developed in 2015/2016

In-house project

Work in progress (started in 2019)

Action and tech areas

Full stack development; User experience design; Design system implementation

Technical expertise

React Native / REST API definition
Sketch / Invision

This is an in-house project we started as a part of an on growing knowledge we’ve been acquiring on complex design systems and component driven logic.

We wanted to apply that knowledge in a project that we knew it could prove useful wether for our company when implementing mobile projects for clients, or even to make this a product of it’s own to help people create apps effortlessly, with a set of designed and developed components.


We like to read a lot and we like to give back. Tech related articles of our collaborators to share our knowledge.

StackBlitz: A simple Angular, scss and ng-bootstrap setup

written by Nuno Rocha

We love Stackblitz at Inflight IT. It helps us to easily create a workspace where we can put our experiments and, mainly, the firsts drafts of our sharable components and, since one of our projects uses AngularJS (8.x), scss and ng-bootstrap (with Bootstrap v4.x.x), we often need a workspace like this one to do some magic 🎩.

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TakeWhile trap

written by Nuno Rocha

First things first: RxJs takeWhile has no trap at all however, I ran into a small bug that took me some time to understand - and I found it an interesting case to share.

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Changing a library's component skin

written by César Cardoso

Having just one component library and multiple skins, we can easily transform our product and change it from one style to another. This can be particularly useful for products that need to have variables for different clients or applications, and it can reduce drastically the time it takes for the UI design team to iterate.

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