Portal - Espaço de arquitetura

Developed on 2015/2016

Action and tech areas

Full stack development and user experience design

Technical expertise

Angular JS / Node JS / Mongo DB
User experience and design / Sketch

Architecture weblog built to receive entries of architect studios, projects, products, news, events among other relevant contents for the community.

This was a project made for an architecture platform that had a website/weblog to gather and share information about architecture, in Portugal. The website was old dated and all the information needed to be introduced manually by the website administrator. It was a tedious and complex process.

The client made us the proposition to rethink the whole platform, not needing to be attached in any shape or form to the previous one, since they also wanted to shift the business model. It needed to have a sophisticated back office where the admin and registered users (architects and studios (studios have architects associated)) could have a way to introduce the contents easily and by themselves.

From a user experience standpoint, we had some meetings with the client to understand the business model specifications and particularities, and we did some research on the area to be able to give a proper answer to their needs. After the requirements, the mockups were made and approved to implementation.

This was our first experience with a big scale project and with the full DSLC, from designing to releasing. We had the opportunity of implementing the experiences we made on academic and personal projects and it was our first real world experience, dealing with real projects and real clients.