Jumbo media press

Developed on 2017

Action and tech areas

Full stack development and user experience design.

Technical expertise

React / NodeJS / Mongo DB
User experience and interface design / Sketch / InVision

Made for
Desktop application providing media resources and kits for the press to download. Made for a big fashion retailer chain.

B2B project, in which we can not disclose the specifications of the software or client due to a NDA.
This project was made for a big fashion retailer chain, that wanted to provide to the media a platform they could access in order to download images or videos to be downloaded and to be used on the press.

We had the liberty to design it from scratch, since what they had before was an old dated and unfriendly platform for their users. We had to divide the app in two different areas, the admin and the user, and the admin had a back office available to CRUD users and contents (the media itself) and the user view that could only access the platform through a login and navigate through the platform to download the media.

It was another opportunity to learn a new modern technology, and React it’s been something we wanted to learn for a long time, to be updated with the two most prominent JS technologies today.