In-house project

Work in progress (started in 2019)

Action and tech areas

Full stack development; User experience design; Design system implementation

Technical expertise

React Native / REST API definition
Sketch / Invision

Mobile framework to build apps automatically for both iOS and Android, by receiving external data.

This is an in-house project we started as a part of an on growing knowledge we’ve been acquiring on complex design systems and component driven logic.

We wanted to apply that knowledge in a project that we knew it could prove useful wether for our company when implementing mobile projects for clients, or even to make this a product of it’s own to help people create apps effortlessly, with a set of designed and developed components.

To start building the framework, we first created a scheme of the structure of our design system. We built individual blocks that would follow our companie’s best practices regarding general UX and UI state of the art. We wanted to have a builder that could fit a wide array of styles, so our components would have to be designed in a raw fashion, completely independent of style.

After a study of the best practices for UI components, we’ve created our skins/themes that would be applied to the components throughout the whole design system. For the example we wanted to test a dark/light theme switcher. In our skins created in Sketch, we had colours, typography and shapes that would be applied to the components.

This logic was also applied in development, so any time we had a new skin to apply to the product, only that paramethers needed to be changed to apply to all the components and screens.

The data received on the application is all fetched externally recurring to an API, that is mapped to the frontend of the application, making use of the components previously designed and implemented.

When a screen needs to be built, we can see it as a Lego logic, where we just define the data that is going to be mapped to the frontend on the screen, and choose what type of component will be used to show that data.

This is a work in progress and it’s a personal investment of the company. We like to do this kind of projects so we can apply new knowledges that sometimes can’t be applied within client’s projects.

Every screen shown here is real and it’s already developed internally for a proof of concept purpose. The app maps football house bets and gather all of them to show the statistics combined between them.