Developed on 2018

Action and tech areas

Frontend development; User experience design.

Technical expertise

React native / REST Api definition
Sketch and InVision

Made for
Mobile application for a business that wants to manage their clients support tasks and tickets.

This was a B2B project for a business that has a number of clients that require support. For that support, there's a model that requires the opening of tasks/tickets for the different areas of support, giving their clients a general overview of the history and of the tasks progress. This application needed to mimic the one that already existed on the web, and for that we only needed to communicate through an API to show the info of the clients and their data.

Being already an application used on the web by many of their clients, the user experience and interface was designed making a compromise with what was already used, keeping a cohesive language between desktop and mobile.

We've made a thorough research of the desktop app, of all it's features and pain points identified by the client that could had room to be improved on the mobile part.

React Native was the chosen solution to implement the development, firstly because it was meant to be available on iOS and Android, and secondly because it was a technology we wanted to learn more deeply, being based on JS and one of the most used technologies in the mobile development world.