From May 2019 to today

Action and tech areas

User experience design process and design system implementation. Integration in a big team, working internationally in different time zones.

Technical expertise

User experience and interface design / Sketch / Invision

Made for
SaaS with a set of applications thought to serve a wide array of businesses and clients, accelerating their digital transformation.

We can not disclose the specifications of the software due to a NDA and because the nature of the software is in itself the business idea.

Our area of action on this product was on the process and thinking of the user experience for the whole system. Being a system with many applications within, very different from one another in some cases, it was imperative to create a design language and a design system that would be a single source of truth for consulting.

User experience
& user interface
Design system

The first action point was to set the design system. There was a deep UX research process with tests and demonstration of results, prior to the implementation of the system. The system was implemented with the awareness not only of the product requirements but also with the company values in mind, so it can later be used on different products.

It accommodates a language model that allows the application in any kind of product within the company’s reach and can be applied to any kind of client. For the UX team to build the mockups, it was created a design system on Sketch with different themes for different needs, allowing the creation of mockups recurring to the same library and design system, maintaining a coherence and sustainability to the project.

From ideation and lo-fidelity mockups
to prototyping of hi-fidelity to stakeholders