Developed in 2017

Action and tech areas

Frontend developments

Technical expertise

Ionic / Automated tests

Made for
Mobile application for clients that want to call a taxi by smartphone.

This was a project that required the frontend development, coming to us already with the user experience designed and the system foundation already defined. The technology chosen by the company was Ionic to develop to both most prominent smartphone platforms - Android and iOS - and we had the responsibility of taking care of the project on a stage where it was already being developed.

The requirements of the application involved the creation of two different applications for different types of users and in each of them it had the normal requirements of user areas and profile settings, but the core was on the action of the taxi call, both for the taxi driver and for the client. It involved the development of a real time route map for the trip, as well as a feedback system along with other business features. Much like Uber.

This application was built on a small scale set with a small team, but this developed our capacity for being attentive and aware of the many issues that otherwise we would have never heard of. We have to be aware of backend problems and many times understand parts of it deeply, and deal with real business issues, sometimes having to make compromises with the expectations set on early stages.