Telco app

From April 2018 to today

Action and tech areas

Frontend development and code review; User experience design process and design system implementation. Integration in a big team, working internationally in different time zones.

Technical expertise

Angular JS / Scss / Html / Webpack / Frontend engineering
User experience and interface design / Sketch / InVision

Made for
Application for a Telco to use on their stores to manage clients and transactions.

For this application, which we can not disclose the name of the clients or specifications, our team has been integrated in a big team for a very big and demanding project.

The application is created for the Telco workers that attend clients on store or on call center, and need to do any kind of action related to the client, whether it’s a transaction, activation or disconnection, every single register that is made between the Telco and the client is done and registered on the app, simplified in order to reduce the amount of time spent by the assistants on everyday tasks.

In this project our team has been responsible for developing much of the frontend as well as integrating the UX team, reading and analysing requirements from the solution architects, designing wireframes and later creating high fidelity mockups and prototypes for approval of the client and deliver to the frontend team.

User experience
& user interface

By it’s complex nature, this project required an involvement of our team with many different areas of expertise. We had to communicate with solution architects and designers, a constant communication with the backend team or QA. This project also made us totally aware of the importance of defects when the software is on production and dealing with the complexity of a business of this nature that needs full attention and care from our part.

From a technical standpoint, the application can be seen as an integration of other systems, displayed on the frontend. There are systems to manage every single aspect of the actions and displays in the application, being that an identity validation or a product catalog display. Many of those systems are highly complex, because of their age or simply because of their nature, giving us the awareness of the complexity that it is to implement a system integration of this caliber.

Working remotely in an
international scale project
with state of the art technology
and methodologies.